Product Description

Sophit is a state of the art software, directed towards the field service companies such as property preservation companies, appraisers, brokers etc, involved in the US mortgages arena. The module is intended to assist in day to day operations of the clients such as vendor management, order management etc.

Some of the key features of the software include

  • Ability to auto allocate orders to the vendors
  • Ability to send follow-ups for late and other orders due
  • Ability to upload videos of the property as well as pictures of the property
  • Manage the flow of the property effectively between various status
  • Effective invoice and payment management
  • Ability to cull out various performance and operational reports.
  • Chat, Announcement and Email facility built in
  • Vendor Management functionality such as Licence Renewal Management, Vendor performance management etc.
  • Effective integration with Mobile application, so as to enable real time processing from field.
  • Vendors can update orders through either a handheld device or through the computer
  • Routing of vendors' orders for maximum efficiency – to be integrated with google earth or similar application.

How Sophit fits into your day to day operations?

  • Ability to scale up operations
  • Ability to expand to new areas
  • Ability to manage vendor network more effectively
  • Management of day to day operations effectively so as to reduce the Turn around time
  • Manage invoice and payment processing for vendors to ensure that there are timely receipts and payments for work performed
  • Ability to identify gaps in processing and effectively streamline the process.
  • Better control on asset flow and vendor performance
  • Ability to have a better understanding of the property condition, vide a video in addition to pictures
  • Reduce your TAT by updating the information from the field on a real time basis