Premium Astra

Product Description

The Insurance agents continue to occupy a pride of place in the vast—complex marketing chain established by the insurance companies. 'Due to the complexity and the variety in the Insurance products available for choice, there is an urgent need for the insurance agent to transform himself into a professional financial planner from a Sales agent. There arises a necessity for technological advancement that can support such a transition. The end result - The birth of Premium Astra

Premium Astra - is a weapon for Sales - Sales arising out of informed decision making process- both from the customers and the financial planner's end. In the current competitive changing business landscape, which witness high growth, every bit of effort today will result in exponential benefits in the years to come.

Premium Astra in a nutshell, aims at evolving a new and Quality breed of professional entrepreneurs, enabled by the boons of technology. Complying with the proven concept of CRM and moving with process oriented selling, Premium Astra has a host of innovative features made available to you at negligible cost, which helps to improve the top line considerably. Look at the features to know more about Premium Astra and how it can help transform your lives and open the gates to a new era of Retaining Insurance.

Features and Benefits

  • Can be accessed from anywhere in the world
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited space for storing client data
  • Robust search engine for retrieval of stored data
  • Excellent client classification and grouping of client data
  • Special agent page attached with every client page to record agent remarks, future business/ future contact dates and set alarm and reminders
  • Premium reminders, Maturity reminders, Money back reminders
  • Customer interaction events mapped to a well thought out process
  • Process oriented selling improves efficiency, customer sees value and so brings new orders to the agent.
  • Automatic customer interaction log maintained.
  • Robust search engine to identify clients, Idle leads, Hot leads and different appointments
  • Marketing campaign through SMS and e-mail with template management
  • Automatic birthday -wishes to clients
  • Supply of leads to agents
  • Well designed, printable agent profile with photo
  • Surrender value calculation Financial planning made simple and reliable with fact finder
  • Input basic data and get an illustration for the client on the best investment