Company description

Third party vendor for processing services, currently covering all aspects of U.S. residential default services such as property preservation, inspections, title services, BPOs, transaction coordination, etc.

Kowshik Devarajan

Kowshik Devarajan

Partner & MD

Kowshik holds a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics. Has over 20 years of experience in incubating and managing teams in IT and Operations in the Capital Markets space. He has senior Management positions in India and abroad. His past experience includes companies like UBS, HCL and State Street etc. He has led cross functional teams, and has been a CED of a technology company, providing Testing services and RM Products. His previous employment was with HCL State Street, where he held the role of Head of State Street Global Market Operations

Sreepriya Kowshik

Partner & CEO

Sreepriya Kowshik is an MBA graduate with over 15 years of experience in Mortgage and Operations. A university rank holder in her under-graduation, she has completed her Senior Management Programme from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta and also holds a Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice from Institute of Financial services, UK. She has extensive experience in working in Indian and US mortgage companies, and has hands on experience in Six sigma and lean techniques, and is a green belt trained professional. Her experience in mortgage industry comes from Premier Institutions like HDFC, ICICI, GE Money and Altisource. She has won several awards for Corporate Social responsibility and her efforts in executing Tsunami Relief programme in India.

Sreepriya Kowshik

Company history

Prologiq Business Services was founded in 2013 as a limited liability partnership, to provide services in the property preservation and inspection space. Prologiq Business Services has now expanded to cover all aspects of default servicing. The expanded service offerings from this year will include: origination services, HAMP/HARP documentation services, and loan audits. Professional services covering management of environmental issues relating to the property is also scheduled to start in Q4 2015. The promoters have a consolidated management experience of 40 years. The company has also executed several corporate social responsibility projects and the company works toward two broad goals–upliftment of orphaned children and contribution to the environment through tree plantation.

Regulatory Compliance

Licensed in India and a registered company in U.S. in Delaware and Florida.

Business lines, services, and products

    Currently in the U.S. residential services market covering:
    • Property preservation and inspection services to include reviews, order management, vendor recruitment, vendor management, utility turn ons, VPRs, bids preparation and upload, invoice management, etc.;
    • Pre-foreclosure order management services;
    • BPO data entry services;
    • Identification of property for the investors based on ROI expected and the CAP rates;
    • Title services including title searches covering single or multiple owner searches and commitment typing etc.;
    • Loan audit and underwriting services including pre-funding audit, post closing audit, loan review, and indexing; and
    • Origination services including underwriting, origination, loan processor services, critical suspense review, pre-underwriting, prepurchase audit, and post-closing audit.

Company history

Prologiq's knowledge of the process and procedures followed in the industry, their systematic transition methodology, and their ability to ramp up/down at very short notice sets them apart from the rest. Their clients have experienced that working with Prologiq is easier than most others in the industry.

Added Value to Clients

    They empower their clients by allowing them to choose the pricing model to pay either by the file or by the resource. This provides their clients the ability to save additional costs and imporove their bottom line further. Prologiq's team integrates perfectly with the client's team, making it feel like an extended office rather than a third-party vendor.