• Loan Processing

    We at prologiQ with our well trained Team and continuously
    evolving systems and procedures help our clients to better
    manage routine Loan Processing work and at the same time
    provide up to 50% savings on associated cost.
  • Property Preservation
    and Inspection Services

    PrologiQ's well trained Property Preservation team,
    helps you to manage even the most complex tasks
    with utmost ease.
  • Real Estate Agent

    Prologiq offers complete suite of services to Real Estate
    Agent Covering Valuations, Broker, Price Opinions,
    Transaction Coordination, Identifying properties for
    investment etc.
  • Workforce Management

    Use our Temporary Workflow Management Solution to
    handle your non- core, project oriented, timeline bound
  • Environmental
    Issue Management

    PrologiQ offers specialized Environmental Issues
    Management services, which has been never
    before offered by an offshore Business Process
    Management company!!!.
  • IT Services

  • Software Development

    A software development is a structure imposed on
    development of any software product.
    The method we follow is six sigma and lean techniques.
Key to Success

Prologiq's integrity in every aspect of its dealing with clients, the dependability and sincerity of staff, and the effective communication channel between the team and the clients has been the company's strength from day one.

Client Testimonials

Prologiq Business Services is a trustworthy and reliable business process management company which provides complete back end services to the players in the US Mortgages space across functions such as Origination, Title Services, Appraisal, BPO Data Entry, Property Preservation and Inspection, REO, Transaction Co-ordination, HUD Preparation, Loan Audit, QA, etc...

Our Objective
To function as a low cost offshore center for the small, medium, and large entities thereby increasing their ROI and reducing operational risks.

Why ?


Prologiq's clients rest assured that, as agreed to in a detailed contract, prologiq's representatives will never disclose the names or contact information of its clients to any outside parties, in addition to keeping all client information and data strictly confidental.

24/7 Availability

Prologiq provides its clients 3 shifts of staffing that cover all 24 hours in a day, allowing them to have work processed more immediately, issues resolved much quicker, and assignments generated more swiftly.


Prologiq provides its clients the ability to instantly and easily ramp up or down to accommodate work load fluctuations, new client acquisitions, and seasonal variations.

Pay Per Order

While prologiq provides clients full-time staff for low per-month fee it also provides many of its clients a fee-per-order model wherein the cost that the client incurs per order does not fluctuate in accordance with work order volumes or other factors.


Prologiq saves its clients at least 50% savings on associated labour.